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Parent Partnerships

We believe in working together to realise a family’s needs and interests. We encourage and value parental input which follow our values, are authentic and promote feelings of belonging, education and comfort.

Community Contributions

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Raising Awareness And Funds For Acf
Raising Awareness & Funds for The ACF
Raising awareness and funds for ACF trekking Tasmania with backpacks on~
Raising $7000 with community support.
Hospital Gear Donation
Donation to Humpty Dumpty Foundation

Anastasia & Simon ~ proud owners supporting the Humpty Dumpty Foundation 2020, donating much needed life saving equipment to remote, rural hospitals in Australia!

Raise Awareness & Funds for The ACF

Anastasia & Carissa trekking Larapinta Trail Northern Territory to raise awareness & funds for The Australian Childhood Foundation.

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Donation to Humpty Dumpty Foundation

We donated funds to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation which helped purchase two much needed medical devices at The Special Care Nursery located in St George Hospital.

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Donation to Humpty Dumpty Foundation

In November 2015 we donated $25,000 to purchase the Fairy Tree that is located in the Happy Garden at Randwick Children’s Hospital. The Happy Garden is located on a sunny, open‐air balcony on level one at the Hospital. The space provides sick children the chance to heal quickly in a cheerful, healthy, sunlit environment.

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The Nappy Collective Nappy Drive

The Nappy Collective is a collaborative community initiative run by volunteers who collect leftover unused disposable nappies and redistribute them to organisations that support families in crisis or in need. In 2015 our centres collected 1000 unwanted disposable nappies! In 2016 we collected 363 nappies! Owners Anastasia and Simon matched the nappies 1:1, so in total 700 nappies were donated to this fantastic cause.

An article from TheLeader.com.au

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Children in the Community

As part of our sustainability program, we take our older class at Giggles Early Learning Centre to help out with planting and gardening at a local nursing home. Each month the children get to spend some quality time with seniors in our community and learn more about sustainability.

2012 – Donation To The Humpty Dumpty Foundation 225x300
Donation to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation

After successful feedback from St George hospital from our first donated infant resuscitation cot, we donated another $30,000 for the purchase of another one for our other local hospital- Sutherland!

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Humpty Dumpty Foundation – Humpty’s Hike

One mountain, one hundred women, one goal – conquering Mt Kosciuszko for Kids! Natalie Smith -Director of Giggles ELC, alongside Anastasia Papadopoulos (owner) of Giggles ELC, The Little Cottage and Happy Feet, we raised $20,000 in support of buying medical equipment for our local children’s ward at St George Hospital.

2011 100km For Oxfam 225x300
Oxfam Trailwalker – 100km Walk

Anastasia Papadopoulos and Jenni O’Grady defy the odds… and make it! Walking 100km for Oxfam’s Trailwalker challenge and raising $20,000!

Africa Mt Kili 2 225x300
Humpty Dumpty Foundation – Mt Kilimanjaro Climb

The trip of a life time! Anastasia Papadopoulos climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa with the Humpty Dumpty Foundation to raise much needed funds. In total, the ‘Kili Group’ raised $1 million dollars!

2010 Fundraiser1 300x225
Fundraiser – The Humpty Dumpty Foundation

Anastasia Papadopoulos and Simon Leverton hosted a dinner event with friends and families of Giggles ELC and The Little Cottage with the aim of raising funds for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. $30,000 was raised that evening!

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Promoted Humpty Dumpty Foundation at Westpac Kingsgrove

Anastasia Papadopoulos helped raise awareness of The Humpty Dumpty Foundation and the great work they do for our local hospitals! A promotional stand was set up inside the bank, promotional material handed out and the community donated generously.

2010 Ball 300x225
Humpty Dumpty Foundation Ball

The team celebrating and supporting the Humpty Dumpty Foundation at their annual Ball.

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Humpty Dumpty Foundation – Purchase of Infant Resuscitation Cot

$70,000 was raised. This allowed for the purchase of a much needed infant resuscitation cot for our much loved local St George Hospital. We still receive photos of newborns inside the resuscitation cot from families of our local community or area, that recognise our centres, or have been part of our childcare centre community, with a message thanking us for making this equipment available for their child. The rest of the funds went toward a Movement Centre at Westmead Hospital.

Kidsresearch – University of Sydney

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Donation to Fijian Child Care Centre

In 2008 Anastasia Papadopoulos and her family went to Fiji for a holiday. They located a local under resourced child care centre on one of their walks and purchased pencils, paper and other useful resources. They also donated their son’s books they had taken for their trip. Upon returning home,  their centres invited families to donate all pre-loved books and toys and new stationary, exercise books and scissors and sent the parcel to the child care centre in Fiji! This experience marked the beginning of a wonderful charitable journey from our organisation.

Childcare Subsidy

Affordability varies from family to family, but it doesn’t have to prevent your child from attending a high-quality, holistic centre. With our designated Child Care Subsidy (CCS) status, our goal is to welcome every child into the place that’s best for their growth, learning and wellbeing.

The CCS is financial assistance provided by the Commonwealth Government to approved child care centres, family day care schemes, registered carers, outside school hour’s programs and occasional care services. This subsidy is ‘means tested’ and managed by the Family Assistance Office (FAO).

If you receive approval for CCS, you’ll pay less out-of-pocket for childcare fees.

Basic Eligibility for Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

To be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy the following requirements must be met:

The Child Must:

  • be a ‘Family Tax Benefit’ child or ‘regular childcare’ and
  • be 13 years or under and not attending secondary school and
  • meets immunisation requirements

The person claiming the Child Care Subsidy, or their partner, must

  • meet the residency requirements and
  • meet the Child Care Subsidy activity test (or be eligible for an exemption) and
  • be liable to pay for the care provided under a Complying Written Arrangement (their written agreement) with their childcare provider
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* There are exemptions for individuals who genuinely cannot meet some eligibility requirements.

Application Process

To see if you qualify for fee assistance, complete the following:

  • Apply through your local Family Assistance Office (FAO)
  • Call the Family Assistance Office at 13 61 50 or contact Centrelink with any questions
Antara Awards

Awards and Recognition

As operators in Early Childhood Education since 2006, our service has been awarded with numerous Small Business recognition awards.

Our services have been formally recognised by our local communities through local business awards every year since our inception.

In 2022, 2021, 2016, 2012 ~ we have been AWARDED WINNERS OF BEST CHILDCARE SERVICES

This recognition serves to provide further inspiration and determination to provide the very best early childhood services for families and children in each of our centres.