Learning is the key to human development, but it is not a simple, homogeneous process. What to learn, when to learn, and how to learn are arrived at through a conscious and careful study of children as well as a comprehensive understanding of the human being through all stages of human development….”

— Rudolf Steiner

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Our Story

Antara Childcare & Preschool originated as individual childcare services in the St George & Sutherland Shire since 2006. Over these years these Award Winning Childcare centres have been united in team spirit yet individually recognised in the community as The Little Cottage (Carlton), Giggles ELC (Bexley) and Wyralla Road Kindergarten (Miranda).

In December 2022, Antara Childcare & Preschool was launched. The restructure of the  organisation has connected all services under one umbrella- with one vision of wholehearted educators, beautiful environments inspiring open minds.

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Antara Childcare & Preschool has evolved with extensive inquiry and study of philosophies that cherish and honour the sacred nature of early childhood. This has informed our holistic approach to early learning and supports the development of children’s open minds.

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is a National guide for supporting the development and learning of children aged from birth to five years and is a framework that Antara Childcare & Preschool utilise as a foundation to overlay our unique learning curriculum.


Healthy food, drinks and habits greatly impact the learning and growth of your child. We have wholesome nutritious home cooked prepared meals daily. We practice the art of mindful eating and children are taught to show reverence towards their meals. With relaxed mealtimes, your child will share their eating experiences with educators and peers.

Food Allergies

Traces of nuts may be highly dangerous to children who are allergic to them. Because of this, Antara Childcare & Preschool is a ‘NUT FREE zone’. If your child has other food allergies, please share them with us and we will make accommodations. We want your child to feel comfortable and receive the foods which are best for them.

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Our Team

"Receive the child in reverence, educate them in love: let them go forth in freedom

— Rudolf Steiner

Our Team

As educators in children's lives, we understand the developmental needs of young children in order to truly meet them.  These  ‘vital years’ from 0-7 need urgent protection from the ever growing pressures of a fast paced modern world in order that children can unfold and flourish in a healthy way.

Children play and learn in a sensory rich environment where educators strive to be worthy of imitation in all they do, nurturing the young child’s sense of wonder for the world, creating learning spaces where children can fully engage in the present and enrich the possibilities of creative, imaginative, self-directed play.  Once confidence in their capacities has been established, children are ready to commence the more formal learning of Primary School.

Every impression formed during the early years has the potential to form a solid foundation for future health, wellbeing and foster a life-long love of learning.

Our family of educators are dedicated and passionate professionals who are loving expressions of our highly effective philosophy, systems and processes.

We work together to connect and build learning environments and experiences that inspire curiosity, spark wonder and awaken each child’s imaginative and connective spirit.

Our educators encourage self-initiated learning through play that supports the development of problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and social skills.

As a unified and harmonious tribe, we regularly engage in ongoing professional learning and routinely critically reflect on all aspects of our program, practices and environment. Our concerted effort to be united in all we bring forth produces meaningful and productive engagement which lays the foundations for children to develop a love of learning and build skills to support a bright and joyful future.


Antara Childcare has a strong commitment to continuous improvement, we highly value and are grateful to receive feedback that helps us to strive towards higher levels of excellence and meaningful connection.

Here are just a few wonderful testimonials that we have received from past and present clients.


National Quality Framework

The National Quality Framework (NQF) was introduced in 2012 and provides an approach to the regulation, assessment and quality of early childhood education and care across Australia.

We have achieved the highest quality rating of Exceeding the NQF standards upon numerous assessments by the Department of Education NSW. We continue to improve and exceed in all areas of the National Quality Framework.

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Awards and Recognition

At Antara Childcare, our focus on ‘cherished connection’ has meant that we have been rewarded by being able to experience the children in our care growing in attunement with their natural and higher selves.

Whilst this alone is a big enough reward for us, our efforts have been formally recognised through local business awards as well. This recognition serves to provide further inspiration and determination to provide the very best early childhood services for families and children in each of our centres.

Community Engagement

By striving to achieve a culture where families can be active participants in the life of our centre, great value is placed on the sharing of customs, knowledge, strengths and interests of children.

We believe in creating a sense of belonging and community through our connection to the land and each other.

Our tribe maintains a commitment to the wider community and values the importance of charitable giving in the communities in which we operate.