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At Antara Childcare & Preschool we cherish the early childhood years. For us, we believe it all starts with the connections we make in our environment and our community.

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About Antara

We differentiate ourselves from other early learning centres through our holistic approach to your child’s learning environment and journey.

We cherish early childhood, our mission is to cultivate connection, care, and respect in beautiful natural environments, that present a sense of gratitude and playful learning experiences.

Our Difference

Our practices are inspired by the beautiful aspects of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy alongside current early childhood brain research. Our program is designed to support each child’s learning journey connected with their caregivers and surrounded by natural environments as key principles.

Our unique curriculum wires the patterns of the developing brain, forming lifelong learning processes, enabling much needed future problem solving abilities all the while connecting the intelligences of the open heart and will.

Antara Difference

Our Vision

Our vision is to nurture and cherish every child surrounded by beauty to inspire their unique abilities and unfold their future unlimited potential.

Antara Childcare & Preschool is a value- based learning environment supporting your child to develop into a capable and unique individual.

Our values are embedded into everything we do every day;

  • We believe children’s play is their work
  • We encourage the living beauty of childhood imagination and support each child’s freedom while playing
  • We believe all learning is unique for each child and adapting the environment is required to support each child’s developmental stage
  • We believe we are all responsible custodians of our social and physical environment
  • We value and respect cultural diversity, individual differences, and stages of individual child development
  • We believe in honouring our Traditional Custodians of this land and offering opportunity for our children to connect to country
  • We believe in a culture of ongoing learning and reflection among all Caregivers
  • We value and support personal & professional development

Our Learning Approach

A unique aspect of the Antara Learning approach is found in our natural resources and Steiner-inspired colour palettes in the physical environment, together with beautifully designed nature- based outdoor play spaces, there are more green spaces to connect your child with nature, encourage physical activity and support their wellbeing.Our Steiner inspired program brings back the value of rhythm and rhyme, storytelling, and melodic singing to transition children from one space and activity to another.

Our children preparing for kindergarten engage with an intentional skills-based literacy program that lays a sound foundation for children to learn to read in a fun and engaging way, focusing on phonological awareness and oral language development.

We deeply value our Earths resources and encourage a respect for planet Earth, our Indigenous culture and authentic history of the First Nation People of this abundant land we work and play on. Our children are encouraged to walk on Country every week with supervised excursions around our community, attend Gallery exhibitions, local schools, and nature reserves.

All our services are licensed with The Positive Living Skills Early Childhood Wellbeing Program ~ an evidence-based comprehensive wellbeing approach teaching children concepts about emotional intelligence, focus, appreciation, relaxation, cooperation, growth mindset, communication and developing relationships with themselves and others.

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We meet and exceed the National Quality Framework for childcare education.

We’ve been awarded for our unique approach and excellence in the community.

We’re always contributing to and collaborating with our local communities.

Antara Excellence


Our spaces are beautifully designed sanctuaries that protect, inspire and enrich everyone that enters.
Please contact us to find out more, and for enrolment.